EducationIndonesia.Network was created to bring together education information, resources, articles, and feedback from the general education community. We provide education development information and resources in the areas of education technology, scholarships, School-Based Management, education policy, etc. We also provide student and teacher forums and many other avenues for visitor participation including the posting of articles from the field. The main purpose of the site is to assist education practicioners and learners in the field. [Information For New Visitors]

National Resurrection

Of course “Indonesia Can!” But when? When will we overcome the ‘corruption culture’, which is not the culture of our people, and begin to work together to assist our citizens and our country, instead of looking for opportunities to exploit our citizens and rape our country? When will we overcome the corruption that enslaves us and is killing the development of our country and especially the futures of our coming generations, our children? If we start now hopefully next year we can truely celebrate “Hari Kebangkitan Nasional” with new hope and enthusiasm. Advance Indonesia – Advance!

Special Link For Our President
English Education News Education Profile in News Please Note: For 10 years we have been working for and with anyone who shared our interest in Indonesian education. We have answered thousands of questions from the field, placed many thousands of comments and registrations on our websites, and responded to education issues as they have emerged, sometimes requiring the creation of special sites to highlight the issues.

Because our target audience is Indonesian education practitioners and the Ministry of Education our work has been conducted in the Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia). As from the beginning of October we are going to commence translation of information and articles that we believe will be of interest into English language.

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